11 Free 3D Printed Pegboard Accessories That You Can Print Today

When I just bought my 3D printer – I found myself printing silly wall decoration, beer mats and miniature garden gnomes. Sure, there has to be a better use for this, right!?

Some guy at work was always flaunting his 3D creations. In all honesty – he came up with some cool things. I asked him once what his secret was. He replied to me – as if he was 3D-Print-Jedi talking to one of his lower-level recruits – thingiverse.com.

I did a google search and found the holy grail. Hundreds of thousands of 3D models, of every niche imaginable. Pegboard accessories where no exception! Ready to be downloaded with one click of a mouse and printed with another.


How to find 3D printed pegboard accessories

  • Head over to thingiverse
  • Type ‘pegboard’ in the search bar
  • Rank on ‘popular’

Let me show you the 11 coolest designs I found on thingiverse that you can hang on your custom pegboard today. All credit goes to the respective 3D-model designer.


1. Pegboard Drill Bit Holder

This clever design keeps the drill bits out of your tool box, and within arm\’s reach. I particularly love that the holes are slightly slanted, so the drill bits are pointing upwards for more convenience.

These are designed for pegboard with 1/4” holes.

Download it for free here.


2. Pegboard Screwdriver Holder

Hold up to 22 screwdrivers of various sizes with this 3D-printed screwdriver holder.

I particularly like that the screwdrivers against the board are positioned higher than the ones in the front. This allows for an easier reach. One of my favorite pegboard accessories.

I also like the ‘funnel’ design. Not all screwdrivers have similar sized handles. The funnel designs guarantee a sturdy fit for almost all screwdrivers.

Download it for free here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish that serves the same purposes but uses less pegboard real estate, check out our screwdriver and wrench holder set.


3. Pegboard Tape Holder


Simple but effective way to store tape without using too much space on your board. The sides brackets are 3D printed. The 4 rods can be any metal, wooden or PVC pipes.

Download it for free here.

However – If you want something really, really, really cool to hold tape, spool or a paper towel, have a look at this paper towel holder by Pegboarder.


4. Pegboard Power Strip Mount

10/10 for convenience. I hate having to bend down, unplug a tool, light up on the socket in the corner of my garage just to plug in one of my power tools. But maybe I’m just lazy. Either way, this is a nice little addition to anyone\’s pegboard.

Download it for free here.


5. Pegboard Beer Holder

To beer or not to beer. You’ll love this one for obvious reasons. Maybe I’ll request an updated version that holds a six-pack.

Download it for free here.


6. Simple Glasses Holder


Protective glasses aren’t something you usually associate with pegboard. That\’s odd, because we often need them for eye protection. Having them within arm’s reach will greatly improve the chance of you actually putting them on before starting any adventurous and potentially harmful DIY-activity.

Download it for free here.


7. Universal Spool Holder


This one is handy for people that have a lot of manoeuvring space in front of their custom pegboard. I know not everyone will have the luxury of having 20″ to decorate with this extensive spool holder. That being said, with the right setup, I think this item might come very handy to some of you.

Download it for free here.


8. Pegboard Wrench Holder

I mean ‘spanner holder’ for all you Brits out there. Wrenches take a lot of space on the board. With this holder, the occupied space is slightly diminished.

Download it for free here.

Again – if you’re looking for something more high end that uses much less pegboard real estate, check out our screwdriver and wrench holder set.


9. Pegboard Allen Key Holder

Allen keys are some of those little things that you lose everywhere… (or is it just me?)

This little holder takes just a few inches of board space and provides quick and easy organization for your Allen keys.

Download it for free here.


10. Pegboard Drill Holder

Drills are some of the most awkward things to hang on pegboard. Should we balance it on 4″ hook? Tuck it away in a basket? None of those scenarios are ideal – but these drill brackets are.

Download it for free here.


11. Pegboard Hook Lock / Peg Lock

The most annoying thing about pegboard? Hooks falling out. Why do hooks fall out? Because you’ve got hooks that are too thin and flimsy! The best solution is to get thick and strong pegboard hooks that won’t fall out.

If you’re stuck with flimsy hooks and you want to make it work with those, you can download these 3D printable pegboard clips. They’ll secure the thin hook by attaching over the metal to the holes next to the hook.

Download it for free here.

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