5 Awesome Pegboard Organization Ideas

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Let’s talk pegboard organization ideas.

Everyone knows that a pegboard is a vital accessory to any garage organization project.

Installing a pegboard with the right pegboard accessories, pegboard hooks and pegboard tool holders is one of the best ways to get your garage in order. From hand tools to power tools to paint cans, a pegboard hook set can help you get everything off the ground and onto the wall.

What many people don’t know, though, is that a custom pegboard is a very versatile tool in and of itself. It can be used for much more than just garage organization, even if that’s the room of the house in which it often shines.

Here are five awesome pegboard organization ideas that you may not have thought about before.


1. Use a Pegboard for More Than Just Tools

The first thing that most people turn to when they think of a pegboard hook set is hand tools. They’ve seen the pictures of someone’s garage neatly organized with pegboard attachments that display each hammer, screwdriver and wrench on its own separate pegboard hook.

Maybe they even have seen power tools displayed neatly on pegboard shelves that are held up by special attachments. They’ve probably even seen sections of rope, extension cords and other knick-knacks placed just perfectly with a pegboard hook set. But a pegboard is much more versatile than that. It can be used to transform a section of your garage for a specific usage.

One example is a gift-wrapping station. You undoubtedly have boxes and boxes of wrapping paper, tape, bows, gift bags and other accessories all thrown together in a box, sitting somewhere in your garage, attack or closet. When it comes time for you – or your significant other – to wrap gifts for the holidays or someone’s birthday, that box needs to be dragged out and a table needs to be cleared. If you’re lucky, the supplies didn’t get mangled when you put them away last, or when you took them out this time.

Enough is enough.

You can use a pegboard and a tabletop to dedicate a section of your organized garage into a gift-wrapping station. Pegboard hooks can hold scissors. Pegboard accessories can hold buckets for bows, tape and gift tags. Pegboard attachments can even be set up so your wrapping paper unrolls like a paper towel.


2. Use a Pegboard in Other Rooms of Your House

A custom pegboard doesn’t have to be relegated to just your garage. They can be used in rooms throughout your house to give you the organization you need.

In a laundry room, you can use pegboard attachments to store cleaning products off the ground. Pegboard hooks can be used to hang brooms, mops and other long cleaning items. A pegboard hook set can be installed in a shed or greenhouse to hang gardening tools. It can even be used in a kids’ craft room to hang art supplies such as colored pencils, markers, stickers, ribbons and paint.

Don’t limit your thinking about pegboards to just the garage.


3. Use a Pegboard to Never Lose Anything Again

If you’re like most people, you can never find the one tool you need at the exact time you need it. Whether it be that extra-long flat-head screwdriver, your belt sander or a heavy-duty extension cord, you’re bound to spend more time looking for it than you are actually using it.

With a pegboard hook set, you can categorize what you have in your garage so you know where everything is at all times. When you take on your garage organization project, make an inventory list of everything you have. Then, put each of the items into a category of how you would like it organized.

Create a simple sketch of your garage, and decide where each category of items should go. Maybe you’ll have a section with pegboard tool holders for your hand tools such as screwdrivers and hammers. Maybe you’ll have another for power tools. Maybe you’ll have a third for extension cords, power strips and other electronic wires.

Once you’ve laid out your plan, simply install a pegboard with the right pegboard attachments for each section of your newly-designed garage. Then hang everything in its proper place, and you’ll always know where to find what you have.


4. Use a Pegboard to Give Each Family Member Their Space

As families grow, they acquire more stuff. They often acquire this stuff so quickly that there isn’t even any time to properly organize it. This challenge only gets more serious as the children grow older, and you stay in your house longer. Eventually, all this stuff you have acquired begins to blend together.

Bobby’s soccer stuff gets thrown into a corner on top of Susie’s bicycle stuff. Your wife’s stuff gets thrown on your work bench on top of your power tools. And on and on and on.

One easy way to solve this problem is by installing pegboards so that each family member has his or her own dedicated section, complete with pegboard shelves and holders.. Etch out a portion of the garage for Bobby’s soccer stuff and anything else he might have. Give another section to Susie for her bicycle stuff and any other knick-knacks. See the image below for one of many pegboard organization ideas for the kitchen.

Dedicate another section for your significant other, and keep one for yourself.

By planning your garage organization project this way, you’ll be keeping everything separate and making every member of the family feel like they own a part of it.


5. Use a Pegboard to Beef Up Your Outdoor Appeal

Pegboards are so versatile that they don’t have to just be used indoors. They can be used in creative ways to hang planters, garden hoses and attachments and other decor.

With the right design, you can make your pegboard hook set look like a display piece and not just a functional organization tool. With a few simple pegboard attachments, you can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home by hanging planters, getting hoses off the ground and displayed nicely, and creatively sprucing up the outside.


Extra: Create a unique pegboard that compliments the room 

Here at PegBoarder, you can have your own unique pegboard designed, printed and delivered to you. Just check out a few examples below:

Pegboard Organization Ideas

custom pegboard
Sewing machine with fabric on table in tailor workshop

We print any size and design and deliver it to your doorstep for free.


Do you have any cool pegboard organization ideas? Let us know in the comments below!👇

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