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pegboard ideas

If your kitchen cupboards are crammed with pans and every counter is cluttered with homeless knick-knacks, we have an innovative solution – a custom pegboard that mirrors your creativity.’

Far from being restricted to workshops and carpenters’ tools, pegboards have multiple uses for proud homeowners. They save space for keen chefs with an abundance of kitchenware and improve organization. Plus, they add a dash of excitement to otherwise bland interiors, especially when embellished with plants, fairy lights and family photos.

Best of all, pegboards are easy to install for beginner DIYers and come with handy add-ons for unbeatable personalization. You could use baskets to store fruit, spices and seasoning. Perhaps, you\’d like a sophisticated floating knife rack secured with heavy-duty hooks? The possibilities are endless!

Keep reading as we highlight six exciting kitchen ideas to inspire you when renovating before explaining the best way to create the custom pegboard of your dreams.


1. Smart saucepan storage

Nothing reassures dinner guests like having your much loved and well-used pots and pans on display. It’s an eye-catching alternative to traditional racks, which are often too high and bulky for compact kitchens. Pegboards are also more hygienic with ample drying space (stacked saucepans collect water), meaning less rust and corrosion over time.

Strong J hooks and L hooks are sturdy enough to withstand the heaviest kitchen items – just make sure they’re long enough to prevent slipping. Then, spread holes across the board to share the weight of heavy-bottomed pans, cast iron skillets and woks.

Choose a versatile silver finish that complements copper, chrome and hundreds of interior styles. Not only does it exude glamor, whether toned down or polished to a mirror shine, but cool metallics brighten kitchens with a luminescent shimmer.


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2. Shelves for spices and small utensils

Is there anything more irritating than losing your spices in the middle of a brand-new recipe? Even worse, you might have made a few dish-destroying swaps muddled by heat (paprika and cayenne look scarily similar). Thankfully, pegboard shelves eliminate kitchen mishaps by organizing everything from seasonings and oils to sieves and graters.

Wood-style shelves are particularly charming because they bring the outside in. Alongside oozing warmth and homeliness, using earthy materials enhances mental wellbeing, reconnecting those nearby to the uplifting qualities of the natural world.

We prefer premium birch plywood for its enduring veneer. Unlike other kinds, the cross-banded layers are resistant to warping, and the smooth surface doesn’t crack or splinter. What’s more, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market because birch trees are a fast-growing species.


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3. Hanging fruit baskets

Those who lack surfaces will go bananas for these genius hanging fruit baskets, overflowing with the family’s favorite sweet treats – they look so appetizing, kids will happily eat their five-a-day!

We suggest keeping the aesthetics clean and straightforward, so the vibrant natural colors and textures take center stage. Rosy red apples, lush green artichokes and sunny yellow lemons pop against a white backdrop, and the open baskets make it easier than ever to grab a healthy snack on the go.

For added convenience, how about peppering your pegboard with peelers, knives and juicers? You’ll have everything close by to prepare refreshing fruit salads whatever the season.


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4. Make the most of awkward spaces

You don’t have to rearrange a whole room or knock through walls to maximize space. Instead, pegboards come in various shapes and sizes to reimagine awkward areas.

Custom pegboards completely transform unutilized blank walls, adding much-needed storage space. You can use them in place of horizontal shelves, upper cabinets (impossible with low ceilings) and pantries.

Functionality aside, framing a rich teal or royal blue with a light wooden border creates an alluring focal point. It’s an effortless way to revamp cozy kitchens with too many unconventional angles for artwork and hanging decorations.


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5. Rainbow hues and patterns

Pegboards don’t have to be boring! You can unleash your wild side and design a frame that reflects your shining personality.

Travel to the swinging 60s with a high-chroma and psychedelic palette, overflowing with nostalgia, or keep things modern with pretty pastels and understated accents. A rainbow tie-dye print makes a statement and injects pizzazz into all-white rooms, providing visual interest and depth.

Above all else, pegboards don’t make a mess. Painting can be chaotic and time consuming for non-professionals, whereas board installation introduces hassle-free color in minutes.


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6. Keep it purely decorative

While pegboards are exceptionally practical, they’re also bucket loads of fun. For those with enough storage, you can simply use them to display treasured trinkets.

Weaving magical fairy lights around the frame creates a convivial feel – the mesmerizing soft glow transforms dull decor into a relaxing haven away from life’s endless to-dos. Decorative cups, salt shakers and dangling cookbooks encapsulate the vintage era, where people kept and curated kitchenware for pleasure.


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Are you ready to create the custom pegboard of your dreams?

At PegBoarder, we don\’t believe in mediocrity. That’s why we have a custom pegboard service that offers everyone the chance to own the pegboard of their dreams.

Whether you’d like a branded board for your business or more kitchen storage, we’ll surpass your requirements. We only use the highest quality birch plywood, which is ecologically sourced, elegant and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, too many pegboards feel soulless because they come straight from the production line – not here. We hand-select material for its character, so no two boards look the same.

If you’d like to know more about our custom design service, we’ve put together a short video. Take a closer look!

For any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or email hello@pegboarder.com – one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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