8 Alternative Pegboard Uses You Should Consider

What pegboard uses comes to mind when you think of pegboards? Most likely wood-scented workshops with walls full of tools, industrial frames and heavy plastic shelves (in high vis yellow, of course). It’s a fair assumption. Avid DIYers and laborers have relied on them for decades thanks to their practicality, durability and compact size.

However, pegboard uses far surpass grandads’ sheds and chippies’ studios. Nowadays, homeowners are transforming them into desk organizers, shoe racks and living gardens. You can even find robust kinds in CrossFit and climbing gyms, where fitness fanatics energetically swing from heavy-duty bars.

Don’t believe us? This blog post explores eight alternative pegboard uses you should consider before explaining how to create the custom pegboard of your dreams.

1. Declutter your desk

The key to productivity is a clean working environment. You won’t lose precious minutes searching through clutter, strewn papers or old memos. Plus, you’ll keep your brain happy. Neuroscience shows we thrive on order, and constant reminders of disorganization diminish our cognitive function and ability to concentrate.

With handy add-ons like pen holders, paper baskets, headphone hooks and shelves for miscellaneous stationery, pegboards give a home to all your bits and bobs. Everything is easy to locate, meaning you finish tasks quicker, and aesthetically pleasing for enhanced relaxation.


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2. Store arts and crafts supplies

Passionate artists and crafters will love a customized pegboard for their creative space. Alongside coordinating essentials, they make inspiring mood boards and visual centrepieces.

Fashionistas might pin magazine clippings for future inspiration, and sewers have ample room to display hundreds of different threads. How about choosing a color that sparks joy (bubblegum pink adds some much-needed personality to all-white interiors) or hanging motivational posters for those dreary, slow days? The possibilities are endless!

Remember, safety first when working with cutting tools. Choose strong J or L hooks with double attachments to prevent equipment from falling (spoiler: our designs hold anything up to 50lbs, 10x the strength of commercial 1/8” hooks).


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3. Keep your kitchen spotless

Did you know keen chefs prefer pegboards to traditional storage units, which are often too bulky for average and small-sized kitchens? There’s a treasure chest of ways to incorporate them, from hanging saucepan racks and fruit baskets to spice shelves and coffee stations.

As well as impressing dinner guests, kitchen boards streamline busy mealtimes. Cooking up a storm is simple when utensils are to hand, even if you’re preparing three meals at once (kids can be tricky).

Best of all, frames come in diverse shapes and sizes to breathe life into unused areas. You can install them in place of shelves, upper cabinets (impossible with low ceilings) and pantries.

4. Reimagine the walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are the epitome of luxury, but what if we told you there’s something even better? Minimalist pegboards are equally sophisticated, especially in classic black and white. Complete with a mirror and hooks for hangers, it’s an intelligent, elegant solution to overflowing hampers and bursting draws.

Most importantly, it’s open to maximize light. You can apply make-up, appraise new outfits and style hair in one place. A brighter space also means better selfies – shadowy profile pics are so early 2000s.


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5. Build a pop-up shoe rack

Shoes are a contention point for families – they end up in ridiculous places like the bottom of the stairs, smell pretty bad most of the time and take ages to dry after rainy days. What they need is a designated spot, away from unsuspecting noses and clumsy passers-by!

An innovative pop-up pegboard unit collects footwear, coats and backpacks, converting them from trip hazards to harmless everyday items once more. Unobtrusive in width and depth, it snugly sits in hallways and seamlessly blends in with the surrounding decor.


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6. Revamp children’s rooms

Much like shoes, toys seem to get everywhere. Anyone who’s stepped on Lego will understand the consequences of children’s carefree chaos, and a lack of storage means there’s no room for little ones to explore and play.

Introducing a cheerful organizer encourages kids to tidy up and protects expensive gifts, including iPads, mobiles and headphones. Functionality aside, they’re utterly delightful, featuring bright colors, iconic cartoon characters and quirky accents.

7. Create a hanging garden

One of my favorite pegboard uses. Mood-boosting pegboard gardens are perfect for plant mums with green thumbs. Whether you customize shelves to hold pots or suspend kokedama from hooks, it’s a cost-effective way to bring the outside in.

Indoor foliage has a wealth of benefits for stressed city-dwellers, busy parents and those prone to anxiety. Air-filtering varieties remove toxins, lowering the risk of liver damage, kidney disease and certain cancers. Then, lush greenery reconnects those nearby to the uplifting qualities of the natural world.

8. Improve your home gym

Lastly (because we know you didn’t believe us earlier), specialized industrial pegboards improve home gyms.

Mounted either horizontally or vertically, they become a makeshift climbing wall. Leaping from sturdy pegs, people practice their dead hangs, single-arm hangs and pull-ups, while developing hand-eye coordination.


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Are you ready to build a unique custom pegboard?

We believe in self-expression over mediocrity. That’s why we offer a custom pegboard service that gives you ultimate control over design, shape and purpose.

Whether you want a branded organizer for your business, vertical garden or decorative piece, we’ve got you covered. No two boards look the same, thanks to our hand-selected and ecologically sourced premium birch plywood, and our expert UV inking process ensures a top-quality finish that lasts a lifetime.

If you’d like to know more about our custom design service, we’ve put together a short video. Take a closer look!

For other enquiries, please get in touch via our contact form or email support@pegboarder.com. We’re here to help you create the custom pegboard of your dreams.

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