9 Ultimate Pegboard Hacks: Save 10x More Space on Your Pegboard

pegboard hacks

Ready for our 9 pegboard hacks? Read on!

We usually have way more tools and equipment than we have pegboard space. The easy solution – get more pegboard! But what if you don’t have enough wall space to hang more pegboard?

In this case, you’ll need to get creative in order to fully optimize your existing pegboard space. We’ve laid out a couple of ‘ pegboard hacks’ in this article that will allow you to store more using less space. These tricks are easy to do – especially for a skilled handyman/woman such as yourself – and they’re either free or inexpensive to complete.


1. Using cupboard space

Most of us have some sort of cupboards in our garage or workspace. Even if you’re guilty of stuffing your cupboards, there’s always a few inches of space wasted behind the cupboard door.

This space can easily be repurposed to attach pegboard. It takes mere minutes and some timber to attach a wooden frame on the inside of the cupboard door.

Afterwards, you can fix the pegboard to the frame.

Admittedly – you won’t be able to fit 4’’ or 6’’ hooks to the inside of the door. You will, however, be able to hang some smaller equipment from small J hooks and L hooks as shown in the illustration below.


2. Simple spool holder

Storing tape or wire with pegboard can be a challenge. If you hang one roll of tape per hook, you’ll soon have half of your pegboard occupied. This pegboard hack is pretty simple – but pretty genius. All you need is a few heavy-duty J hooks and something that can function as a rod. This can be a PVC pipe, a metal stick – whatever works for you.

Place the two J hooks in the board, spanning over the distance of the rod you’re about to use. Then place the rod on the J hooks. You can now hang anything on and around the rod. Who said pegboard hacks have to be complicated?

3. Use binder clips to hang less obvious things with

This is a binder clip. You might have a few lingering around the office.

The upper side of the binder clip has a keyhole-shaped opening that fits pegboard J hooks with a diameter of up to 1/4’’. The lower side of the binder clip functions as a clip that can hold anything, with a strong grip.

4. PVC pipe pen holder

Do you have any pieces of PVC pipes laying around? If you can cut them to size, you can hang them on a 4’’ or 6’’ pegboard hook.

This is an easy way to store any pens, pencils or paint brushes. You can spray paint them into any color you’d like if you like a colorful pegboard. The world is gray enough as it is!

5. Screw ’em!

This is one of my favorite pegboard hacks. If you can screw stuff into pegboard, you could literally attach anything to your board!

Guess what, you actually can. Without damaging your beloved pegboard.

All you need is 1/4’’ wall anchors. (or 1/8’’ if you have board with smaller holes). With these, you can literally screw any attachment to your board without doing damage.

6. Easy shelving

If you have a piece of timber laying around, you can drill 2 1/4’’ in holes in the side of the timber. You can then align this piece of wood on L-hooks. Voila – you’ve got the perfect shelf.

The loading capacity of the shelf will depend on the length of the L hook and the thickness of that same hook. We always recommend to use 1/4’’ hooks when dealing with 1/4’’ hole pegboard.

Check out our collection of pegboard shelving brackets for another super easy way to create shelving on your pegboard.

7. Decorate

If you’re not a fan of the naked edges of pegboard, you can make a frame to decorate it. All you need is 4 decorated pieces of timber and 4 square corner-pieces to join them together.

We suggest gluing the frame onto the pegboard. Be aware, however, this this is quite permanent and you might not be able to take of the frame without damaging your board.

If you want to take your pegboard organization to the next level, talk to us. We can print your design on your pegboard and have it delivered to your doorstep.


8. Drawer box

The idea is to construct a wooden box with multiple vertical pegboard-drawers.

  1. Construct a simple, square wooden box, with one side missing. Alternatively, you can start from a wooden crate.
    We suggest the box or crate to be at least 40’’wide.
  2. Place pieces of timber on the bottom and on the ceiling of the cube. The pieces of timber have a 5’’ width. The spacing in between the timber pieces is 0.3’’. So, we place a new piece of timber every 5.3’’.
  3. For each spacing between timber pieces, cut one piece of perforated hardboard that fits exactly into the box.
  4. Place all pieces of perforated hardboard in the slots in between the timber pieces.
  5. Since standard hardboard has a thickness of 0.25’’, it should slide in and out with ease.

This one will take you a little longer than the other hacks, but it can save you the most space.

9. Design your own unique custom pegboard

You can design your pegboard here, and we’ll print it for you and ship it out to you in 6 business days at no extra cost. If you are looking for pegboard in plain color, you can find available colors in the footer of this website.

Do you have any other ‘ pegboard hacks ‘ that I haven’t covered? Please drop me a note in the comments 🙂


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  1. Do you have any suggestions for reinforcing pegboard? I have had multiple instances of peg hooks pulling/tearing out of the board, and the weight on the hook is not overloaded. very frustrating!
    Please email me back..

    • Hi Mike! Is your pegboard in a humid area? This might make the board more prone to ‘wear’. It sounds like you might be better off with a metal or plastic pegboard rather than MDF.

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