Color Psychology: What Pegboard Color Should I Choose?

Colour Mixing Together

So, you’ve decided to purchase a pegboard – congratulations! But maybe now you’re wondering what color you should choose to best suit your home and personality? You may not realize it, but the colors you surround yourself with in your living spaces can have a major impact on how you feel inside your home. Each shade can evoke different emotions such as serenity, passion, sadness, or confidence, depending on which one you pick. In fact, a particular color can even influence your decision making!

As a result, it’s probably worth taking a closer look at the different color pegboards you can choose from, and the feelings and sensations they are most likely to induce. That way, you can be sure you’re selecting the best shade for your chosen room.

A rainbow of emotions

Can’t wait to choose the perfect pegboard to match your personality? Below we’ve covered a selection of common associations linked to the pegboard colors that we provide here at PegBoarder. So, let’s take a deep-dive into color psychology, and help you find the perfect hue of pegboard for your space!

Color Psychology


If you’re thinking of choosing a black pegboard for your home, you should bear in mind that black decor and accessories can prompt feelings of drama, power and majestic elegance. Not too shabby, huh? However, some people can be more sensitive to the impact of black than others, and could possibly find it a little too weighty or oppressive in large doses. This could be something to factor in when considering a black pegboard for a particular space.


Blue is well-known in the world of color psychology for having a strong, positive impact on our wellbeing. In fact, blue decor is reputed to have various important physical and psychological benefits, including lowering your heart rate and your blood pressure, and creating feelings of tranquility and peace.

Darker, rich shades of blue are also associated with other positive qualities, such as confidence and strength – even success. These strong links with some of the most joyful traits, suggest that whatever shade you choose, you are sure to feel better for having a blue pegboard in your home!


Do you have a penchant for the color brown? Selecting a brown pegboard for your home could have mixed results – it depends on your personal views and associations with the color. For some people, brown can be seen as a little safe – even drab. For others, brown is associated with the earth and the restorative properties of nature, making it a calming and positive color for them to be surrounded with.

In fact, brown is associated with everything from resilience, safety, and comfort, to loneliness and boredom. So, when it comes to choosing a brown pegboard, it’s worth checking your personal reaction to this color before taking the plunge.


As you may imagine, gold is a color strongly associated with wealth and luxury. Whether bright and sparkling, or darker and more muted, the various shades of gold have many uplifting associations and can evoke feelings of sophistication, optimism, warmth and passion. However, it is also believed that surrounding yourself with too much of the color gold can prompt you to become selfish and materialistic – so just be aware of how you use this powerful hue when opting for gold pegboards.


People with a passion for nature, and plant life in particular, are sure to love having a green pegboard in their home. Described as one of the ‘cooler’ colors, because our eyes don’t have to adjust to absorb it, green is strongly associated with grass, trees, and the natural world in general. As a result, many people view it as a tranquil, soothing color that can help us feel calm and adjusted.

However, for others, green may be associated with the color of money – linking it to greed and envy. Whatever your personal feelings about green, it’s worth noting that different studies have shown that being around the color green can have a positive impact on reading ability, and can even help us exercise more efficiently!


Selecting a grey pegboard for your living space is a great choice if you want to create a calming, neutral space to relax in. Grey doesn’t have associations with any strong emotion and most people don’t have any strong opinions on it. This makes it a perfect, neutral option for any home.

The shade of grey you choose is entirely up to you and your particular preferences. Lighter shades of grey are often deemed more soothing and light-hearted, while darker shades of grey are moodier and more intense. It’s completely down to your personal choice and the emotions you would like to nurture.


Orange is a color widely associated with energy, positivity, and joy, making it a wonderful choice if you feel like you could benefit from a little emotional up-lift! Pick an orange pegboard for your home, and you will benefit from a vibrant pop of color that is bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Plus, it could even help you cope better with life’s little disappointments. What a handy hue, don’t you think?


Pink pegboards are often used for female-focused spaces like girls’ bedrooms. However, pink also works well in any space where you want to create feelings of relaxation, kindness, and warmth. Did you know that pink has even been used in prisons to help inmates feel calmer and less agitated? Pink is also, of course, associated with romance and love, which is why it’s so popular on Valentine’s Day!


If you have a spiritual side, then perhaps a purple pegboard is just what you’re looking for. Purple has strong links with the realms of spirituality, magic, mystery and the imagination. So, if you have a special space in your home where you like to meditate on matters of faith or creativity, then a purple pegboard is the perfect choice for you.


Red can trigger strong positive emotions, as well as very negative ones, depending on your personal associations with the color. Commonly linked to passion, love and rage, red is a bold color choice which is bound to have a powerful emotional effect on anybody who encounters it. But, once again, it’s a matter of personal choice. If you have a hankering for a red pegboard, it could be just the color you need to keep you feeling invigorated! Just remember that less is often more with such vibrant hues.


Selecting a silver pegboard is a great choice for decorating a space where you love to relax and let your creativity flow. This is because silver is known to prompt feelings of tranquility, reflection, and sensitivity. Linked to the moon, silver has even been associated with helping people cleanse themselves of mental or emotional blockages. Something to think about if you’ve been struggling lately!


Teal is regarded as the perfect blend of blue and green, combining the healing and positive aspects of those two colors. As with silver, a teal pegboard is the perfect option for any room where you would like to create an atmosphere of tranquility, calm, and restoration.


If the room you are adding a pegboard to is a space where you would like to induce emotions of peace, comfort and creativity, then a white pegboard is an ideal choice. As well as adding brightness and a lighthearted feel to a space, having white decor or home accessories in a room creates a sense of a blank slate ready to be written on. As a result, white is the perfect hue for helping creative people focus on their work, whether you’re a writer, an artist, or just love making crafts in your spare time.


Last but certainly not least, yellow is a color strongly associated with positivity, brightness and warmth. If you want to create a cheery space in your home, whether you are decorating a child’s bedroom or the main living area, then opting for a yellow pegboard is a great way to go! Yellow has even been associated with learning, confidence and logic. So, if you want to encourage your kids to do their homework, choosing yellow could provide a helping hand!

As you can see, the pegboard color that you choose can have a powerful impact on the atmosphere of your living space. So, choose carefully and pick the hue that feels right for you and the particular room you are ‘boarding’.

Personalize your pegboard today!

If you don’t feel drawn to any of the colors mentioned above, don’t despair! You can take advantage of the awesome custom pegboard creator tool we offer here at PegBoarder, which will enable you to choose the exact shade you’re looking for. You can also add stunning personalized designs to your pegboard – from vibrant images to inspirational quotes. Get in touch today to find out more!

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