Do Your Pegboard Hooks Keep Falling Out? Read this!

Do your pegboard hoks keep falling out? Let’s find out why and how to prevent this from happening.

We may be biased, but pegboards are essential. They transform messy sheds and garages into highly organized working spaces by giving tools a loving home. Avid crafters use them to store pen holders, scissors and tape.

They’re even popular as decoration – a quick Google search shows people using pegboards to display mounted plants, indoor lights and hanging oaments. Oh, and there’s also a few wacky yet brilliantly innovative shoe racks (the possibilities are endless).

The reasons for using pegboards change, but there’s a common issue plaguing almost everyone – weak, flimsy and forever falling hooks. That’s where we can help. Here at PegBoarder, we’re committed to designing functional, sturdy hooks that don’t fall out when grabbing a tool.

Keep reading as we answer your most pressing questions, including:

What pegboard hooks do the experts recommend?

How much weight can a pegboard hook hold?

Why do pegboard hooks fall out?

• How can I stop my pegboard hooks from falling out?


What pegboard hooks do the experts recommend?

If you can trust anyone on pegboard hook efficiency, it’s our friend Anita Morris over at Anita by Design. She’s a sewing extraordinaire and avid creator, teaching over 100,000 enthusiastic YouTube subscribers the basics of garment construction.

She’s recently taken a look at PegBoarder’s cutting-edge collection of pegboard hooks to hang her craft & DIY tools and knick-knacks. Like most, she’s had some bad experiences in the past with shoddy products – so we knew she’d be an honest critic.

The final verdict? She loved them! By the end of the review, she had a brand-new and utterly gorgeous storage unit for her creative space.

If you’d like to see the magic happen, watch the full video below. She provides plenty of valuable information alongside showcasing the hooks, including how to build and accessorise a pegboard.

How much weight can a pegboard hook hold?

Generic hooks don’t hold much weight because they’re too thin and lack the metal (to be honest, they’re glorified paper clips).

In contrast, PegBoarder hooks hold up to 50lbs – ten to twenty times more than commercial 1/8″ designs. Thanks to their extra-heavy-duty structure, you can secure weighty tools and items with ease.

However, remember the thickness and material of the board are equally crucial for loading capacity as hook size. Dense MDF, galvanised steel and rigid plastic boards tend to support more weight than lightweight MDF models.


Why do pegboard hooks fall out?

Before we explain how to keep your hooks from falling out, it’s essential to know what might be causing the issue. Usual suspects include:

• Board material and depth

• Hole size and depth

• Hole spacing

As we mentioned earlier, material and depth impact loading capacity. Large hole MDF pegboards made from 1/4″ hardboard can withstand more weight than thinner designs. Plus, the holes are deeper, providing enhanced assurance when fastening items. As a result, these boards are ideal in garages, workshops and other heavy use areas.

Small hole MDF pegboards are thinner, usually crafted from 3/16″ hardboard, and better suited for lightweight tools and indoor use. The holes are shallow, meaning there’s an increased risk of instability.

However, some thinner materials can handle as much weight, if not more, than thick MDF. Metal and plastic boards are excellent choices, although they can be more cumbersome and costly to install.

Lastly, you need to purchase the correct size hooks for your holes. If they’re too small, they wobble dramatically. Also, keep in mind MDF boards are prone to wear and tear. If you move hooks around too much, the holes become wider.


How can I stop my pegboard hooks from falling out?

Now for what you’ve been waiting for – how to stop pegboard hooks from falling out. There are plenty of easy-to-implement solutions, including:

1. Buy thicker hooks

2. Make sure hooks are doubled-pegged

3. Use metal wire, zip ties or hot glue


1. Buy thicker hooks

Most pegboard hooks online are thin metal wire disguised as hooks. Many retailers sell them alongside peg locks or retainers (clips with two flanges that fit into adjacent holes) to add extra strength. Had they just made the hook thicker to begin with, no peg lock would be necessary.

Heavy-duty pegboard hooks stay put and fit your board more snugly. They don’t move around once in place, and the metal is of better quality. Best of all, all PegBoarder hooks include a durable, corrosion-resistant chrome finish.


2. Make sure hooks are doubled-pegged

peg hooks
Double-pegged hooks feature a lower attachment for an improved fit. Essentially, the lower peg locks the structure in place, letting you hang colossal tools and items effortlessly. In our experience, the perfect hook has at least a 0.22″ diameter and a lower peg.


3. Use metal wire, zip ties or hot glue

There are plenty of ways to fasten hooks using everyday items around the house.

If you’ve already fixed your board to a wall, choose the metal wire method. All you need is a thin metal wire, needle nose pliers and wire cutters. While the bending, looping and threading can be challenging, the effort is worth the results.

If you haven’t fastened your pegboard, prepare hooks with zip ties or hot glue. Use small zip ties to secure the hooks by attaching them to the holes on either side. Alteatively, dab a little hot glue on the lower peg before inserting it into the hole.


Are you looking for pegboard hooks that actually work?

If you’re looking for durable, heavy-duty and stable pegboard hooks that stop items from falling, we have you covered.

Here at PegBoarder, we bring you the most innovative J hooks, L hooks, long hooks, shelf brackets and more. Attached with double pegs and made from the highest quality metal, you don’t have to worry about instability or damage over time.

Browse our extensive collection today and stop your pegboard nightmares from becoming a reality. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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