How Much Weight Can A Pegboard Hook Hold?

How much weight can a pegboard hook hold? When it comes to pegboard hooks, it’s not a case of one size fits all. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your craft supplies, power tools, or household items, it’s crucial to find a pegboard hook set that’s up to the task.
A small pair of sewing scissors won’t weigh the same as a hammer – so exactly how much weight can a standard pegboard hook hold? And will it be strong enough to meet your needs?
At PegBoarder, our hooks and pegboard accessories can hold up to 10 times more weight than the average hooks on the market. That means we know what we’re talking about when it comes to this ‘weighty’ topic!
In this blog post, we want to explain why it’s important to choose strong pegboard hooks. We’ll also reveal how much weight a standard hook can hold and why our hooks are so much more supportive.


How much weight can a pegboard hook hold?

Much like the pegboard hooks themselves, there’s no one size fits all answer to the question ‘how much weight can a pegboard hook hold?’ That’s because it’s possible to buy a variety of different shapes, sizes, and widths.
All of these factors will determine how strong your hooks are – but the standard hooks on the market typically measure around 1/8” in diameter. This means they can comfortably hold 3-5 lbs, though larger hooks can often hold medium weights of 15-20 lbs.

But it’s not always as simple as that. The design of your pegboard hook also plays a huge role in the amount of weight it can carry. If you’re hoping to place a 10 lb weight on a hook that’s 6 inches long, you’ll also need to factor in the distance between your pegboard and the item you’re hanging.

This is because it can affect the weight distribution, meaning your hooks aren’t necessarily as robust as they seem.


The consequences of weak pegboard hooks

If your pegboard hooks aren’t sturdy enough to hold your belongings, the effects aren’t just annoying – they can also get pretty expensive. Overloaded hooks can easily bend out of shape, fall out of your board, or even snap. Depending on the type of items on your board, this can cause serious damage to your belongings and any surfaces below.
When this happens, the force of your hook falling out of your board can actually tear the soft wood, particularly if your board is made from MDF. That means you’ll need to replace both your hooks and your board, racking up a costly bill over time.


How much weight can our pegboard hooks hold?

If you’re looking for the last set of pegboard hooks you’ll ever need – from extra-long hooks to L hooks – check out the full range at PegBoarder today. Our hooks can take a whopping 10 times more weight than the standard 1/8 of an inch hooks, thanks to their larger size and clever anchorage (more on that later).
Our extra heavy duty pegboard hooks measure close to ¼” in diameter, which is two to three times larger than the average models on the market. That doesn’t mean you need an extra-large pegboard to match – our hooks are designed to fit snugly into any standard pegboard, making loose-fitting hooks a thing of the past.
When you buy from PegBoarder, you can hold up to 30 lbs with a single hook. With a large hammer drill weighing approximately 14 lbs, this means you’ll be able to hang your chosen items with ease – whether it’s a drill, a roll of tape, or your trusty screwdriver.


Strong by design

As we mentioned earlier, the design of your hooks is key to their strength. If you take a look at a regular pegboard hook, you’ll notice that it’s angled to fit through your board. But the truth is many models aren’t angled enough.
If the piece of metal that connects your hook to your board isn’t sitting at the right angle, it can make the whole hook much weaker. When you hang a heavy weight on the end, it can cause the hook to lift out of place – and without proper anchorage, it could slip right out.
At PegBoarder, we’ve designed our pegboard hooks for ultimate staying power.

  • We’ve made the diameter of the hook two to three times thicker to fit more snugly in the board. This also means they’re able to support heavy weights with ease, even when you’re hanging heavy weights on extra-long hooks.
  • We’ve added an extra peg to the pegboard hooks, so it had more ‘grip’ in your pegboard.

Look how the average hook (left) compares to our hook:
peg hooks

And the cool thing is, our hooks are priced around the same level as the light and flimsy hooks.



Pegboard hooks for every requirement

The world of pegboards doesn’t begin and end with 6” hooks! PegBoarder offers everything you need to make your pegboard work for you, whatever you’re planning to store there.
We stock J hooks, L hooks, extra-long hooks, plier holders, and screwdriver holders. With a variety of shapes, lengths, and strengths, these should be ideally suited to most purposes. But if you’re looking for something a little more specialist, you’ll also find a range of pegboard accessories.

From shelf brackets and paper towel holders to baskets, tape measure holders, and towel rails, you’ll find a selection of pegboard accessories that are designed to turn your pegboard into a one-stop-shop.
Our baskets are the perfect choice for items such as water bottles, oil cans, rags, or spools of thread. Meanwhile, our 2-in-1 integrated paper towel holder and shelf can hold a staggering 50 lbs!

Whether you’re creating a work-station in your garage or a storage wall for your kitchen, we’ve made it easy for you to turn your dream set-up into a reality. No more wandering around the room with dripping hands while you search for a towel!

All of our accessories are made from metal (no flimsy plastic here) and come under our lifetime warranty. We’re dedicated to selling you the first and last set of pegboard hooks you’ll ever need, helping you save money on endless replacements.

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