How to Find Pegboard Hooks That Don’t Fall Out And Prevent Old Ones From Falling Out

There are a few different types of pegboard.

The biggest difference between boards is usually hole thickness. While the most popular pegboard has 1/4’’ holes, some board has 1/8’’ holes.

The pegboard accessories you buy in the shop usually accommodate both types of pegboard. In other words, the pegs are 1/8’’ in diameter – so they are small enough to fit both. But that’s not ideal. When putting these in 1/4’’ holed board, the attachments don’t fit snugly and often fall out with the smallest movement. This is something that has been frustrating pegboard owners since the invention of pegboard.

We found quite a genius way to fix thin hooks to a board on All you need is a little bit of metal wire and a little bit of patience.

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There’s an obvious difference in thickness between a 1/4’’ pegboard hook (left) and a 1/8’’ pegboard hook (right).

A 1/4’’ hook guarantees a perfect and snug fit. It also supports heavier tools and equipment than its thin counterpart.

It’s also worth paying attention to the specifications of anything you buy for your pegboard. If the hole thickness is not specified, you’ll buy a product that accommodates both – and it will be less perfect if you’re rocking pegboard with 1/4’’ holes.

PegBoarder hooks (formerly MADD TOOLS) are on average 2-3 x heavier than counterparts from other brands.

At PegBoarder we’re proud to offer some of the heaviest & thickest hooks on the market.

It’s also important to know that the popular metal pegboard is much thinner than the original perforated hardboard. As a result, pegboard attachments made for hardboard might slant downwards on metal pegboard. It’s not a mighty big deal, but it’s good to be aware of this. At PegBoarder, we always provide spacers with our products, to compensate for board thickness should you have metal board.

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