5 Ways to Style Pegboards for Your Kids!

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If you’re looking for an inventive and environmentally friendly way to decorate your kid’s room, why not try pegboards? No longer restricted to the workshop or the garage, these versatile wooden boards are really coming into their own as household decor. Plus, they’re particularly suitable for kids, who love to express their creativity and personality on their bedroom walls.

If you’ve decided to invest in pegboards for your kids’ rooms, but you’re not sure quite what to do with them, we’ve come up with 5 fantastic ways to style your children’s pegboards. No matter how old your child is, or what kind of decor they have, you can use pegboards to make the most of their space and create a stunning feature they’re sure to love.

1.   Adorable nursery pegboards for babies

If you have a baby or toddler – or if you’re decorating a nursery for a little one on the way – why not use pegboards as part of your nursery decor? These boards have so many helpful applications, and they can look really sweet and stylish too.

A popular idea in parenting circles right now is to position a pegboard above the infant’s changing table and add in little shelves and hanging baskets for storing diaper changing essentials, such as wet wipes, diapers, diaper sacks, and baby lotion. To make it more personal, you can also add some adorable framed pictures and other super-cute wall art to show how much you love your little bundle of joy.


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2. Create an eye-catching toy gallery

A common problem parents can encounter with their kids’ bedrooms is unwanted clutter. It’s easy to accumulate large numbers of toys and then run out of space to put them. In the end, the toys are piled in baskets or even strewn around on the floor. If you’re looking for a novel way to sort out this toy storage issue and create an eye-catching feature at the same time, why not use a pegboard on your child’s wall to store some of their toys?

If they have a particular passion for toy horses, toy trucks, model airplanes, or plushies, you can add lots of little hanging shelves and racks to the pegboard to arrange the toys. Not only will this get them out from under your feet, it will also look amazing, and your kid is sure to love seeing all their favorite toys displayed on their wall. Who knows, it may even encourage them to make more of an effort with their tidying up chores, as they can arrange their toys in the way they like best.


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3. Make your child’s pegboard a colorful focal point

One of the best things about pegboards is that they provide a sort of blank canvas for you and your child to express yourselves. Because there is such a variety of ways to style them, you and your kids can have a lot of fun playing around with colors, levels, and accessories.

For instance, you can mess around with different dimensions by adding shelves here and there to store their special toys and keepsakes. You can also add vibrant pops of color by decorating the pegboard with some of the vibrant paintings, collages, and pictures that they have made at home or school.

In fact, you could make the pegboard the focal point of your kid’s room by adding a whole array of personal things to it. That could include their favorite books and plushies, to family photos, ornaments, and maybe even a potted plant or two.

4. Give your kid a pegboard ‘homework helper’

As well as providing a platform for self-expression, pegboards can also be used in kids’ rooms for their usual practical purpose as a helpful on-the-wall storage solution.

If you have an older child who has plenty of homework to do, mount a pegboard on the wall above their desk, and fill it with helpful tools for them to use as they do their assignments. You can stick on various containers for pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, glue, white-out, and art supplies, so whenever they need anything, all they need to do is reach out and grab it.

You could also add some small shelves to the pegboard, where they can keep extra paper, notebooks, and text books.

5. Transform a pegboard into a library

Do you have a child who is already a dedicated bookworm? Does your little one love nothing more than sticking their nose in a book and journeying to other worlds? Give them the gift of a literary pegboard by adding little shelves and racks to help house their treasured collection. If they have a particular fondness for fantasy books, pony stories, or any other genre, you could even give the pegboard a theme and decorate it with ornaments and accessories.

Of course, you could also do the same if your child has a real fondness for a particular TV show or movie. Add framed images, plushies, and other decor that reflect the particular shows or books that your child loves best.  The great thing is, if their interests change as they get older, you can easily alter the pegboard to reflect their new passion!


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Create a stunning customized board with Pegboarder

If you would like to buy a pegboard that has already been customized, rather than a ‘blank’ wooden board in brown or white, we are on hand to help. We offer a special pegboard customization service, creating a personal, bespoke board just for you, which will be printed and delivered right to your door.

Maybe your child would love particular colors or imagery on their board, or even a favorite saying? If so, we can design and print a board that reflects your child’s interests and will create a truly stunning personalized decoration for their bedroom wall that manages to be both functional and eye-catching. Watch this video to find out more!

Create your custom pegboard today. If you need any assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our support team.

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