Pegboard Accessories for Crafts: What Do You Need?

When you think of pegboards, you might imagine bulky frames in garages overflowing with heavy power tools. However, while they make excellent storage units for carpenters, labourers and weekend DIYers, they’re also attractive and helpful additions to inside creative spaces.

Avid crafters use them to neatly store paper towel holders, pen baskets and tape measures. Practicality aside, many transform them into unique centrepieces for home studios, installing pop-up shelves to hold plants, knick-knacks and photo frames.

If you’re leaning towards a brand-new pegboard, you’ve come to the right place. Here at PegBoarder, we’re committed to designing the best hooks, brackets and accessories on the market.

Keep reading as we explain why crafters and creatives need a pegboard before recommending eight high-quality pegboard accessories for crafts to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Why do crafters and creatives need a pegboard?

Pegboards are a lot more exciting than they first sound (trust us – we’re the experts), and there’s a treasure chest of uses for them.

Perhaps most importantly, they help crafters to coordinate their space. You don’t have to worry about losing scissors, tape or glue because everything has a proper home. When you organize your work area, you save valuable time searching for lost items and money on unnecessary replacements.

Then, they get the creative juices flowing. Alongside storing essentials, people use them as mood boards, diaries and stimulating visual centrepieces.

Fashion designers and sewers can use them to curate magazine clippings and material. Writers never have to worry about their favourite pens vanishing. For freelancers working towards tight deadlines, they make eye-catching spots to hang calendars and project briefs.

The possibilities are endless, and some of the most innovative creations we’ve seen include pegboard shoe racks, living walls and herb gardens.


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8 pegboard accessories for crafts and creatives

A pegboard is only as good as its accessories. You need heavy-duty hooks and shelves to stop items from falling, spacious brackets and personal touches to make it feel unique.

If you don’t know where to start, here are eight quality recommendations. Every product guarantees unbeatable durability, loading capacity and a gorgeous-looking final result.

Indispensable pegboard accessories for your craft room include:

1. Heavy-duty J hooks, L hooks and long hooks

2. Shelf brackets

3. Paper towel holder

4. Basket set

5. Tape measure holder

6. Screwdriver and wrench holder

7. Pegboard letters

8. Shelf with towel rod

We’ve listed all products in this article here.

1. Heavy-duty J hooks, L hooks and long hooks

Generic pegboard hooks don’t hold much weight because they’re too fragile (to be honest, they’re glorified paper clips).

In contrast, PegBoarder J hooks and L hooks hold up to 10lbs per hook – ten times more than commercial 1/8″ designs. In addition, their heavy-duty structure isn’t shy of metal, meaning you can secure all your crafting tools with ease.

Both promise a tight fit and work with 1/4″ holed pegboards of every depth. Thanks to their doubled pegged attachments and corrosion-resistant chrome finish, they can easily withstand knocks and scrapes.

Long hooks are ideal for hanging heavier objects up to 30lbs, and there’s even a range of specialist hooks explicitly designed for pliers and screwdrivers.

2. Shelf brackets

Crafters need bucket loads of room for all the bits and pieces they accumulate. Thankfully, everything finds a place with PegBoarder’s ingenious shelf brackets.

All shelf brackets lock into a standard 1/4″ holed board and include two frames in one pack. All you need is a small piece of timber cut to size before you’re ready to store up to 30lbs of crafting essentials.

3. Paper towel holder


pegboard towel holder

The trusty paper towel holder is crucial across all professions but particularly helpful when crafting. If you spend your days painting, sculpting or drawing, things are bound to get a bit messy.

Attaching a towel holder to your pegboard means you always have cleaning equipment nearby (say goodbye to stumbling around the house with glue all over your hands).

The stylish matte black PegBoarder model is big enough to hold all popular paper brands and features an integrated shelf with a 50lb capacity.

4. Basket set

Upgrade your home studio with pegboard baskets that happily accommodate stationery, thread, glue and more. By using thicker metal and an ingenious square design, they provide ample storage without buckling under pressure.

5. Tape measure holder

No sewing or garment making space would be complete without a tape measure holder. Think about how much time you could save for creating when you’re not frantically searching for your kit. What’s more, keeping your tape safe prevents deterioration and washed-out numbers.

This holder isn’t like other models on the market because it includes a slot for a set square or triangle and a pencil or chisel compartment. The tape container itself is surprisingly roomy, designed to hold a 20ft to 30ft reel.

6. Screwdriver and wrench holder

Perhaps, you’re a jewellery maker or watch repairer who needs space for heavier metal tools. If so, a sleek screwdriver and wrench holder does the trick.

While some holders take up too much space, this one is compact for small indoor areas. It houses up to ten screwdrivers and eight wrenches when unbranded alternatives only have room for three.

7. Pegboard letters


pegboard letters

This is probably on of our favorite pegboard accessories for crafts. We get it – sometimes pegboards can feel a little uninspiring and clunky. So to remedy this, why not personalise your board with adorable wooden alphabet letters?

Use them to write your name, jot down inspiration or label items. Every delightful square is varnished for maximum longevity, and sets include 110 pieces to form your favourite positive quotes.

8. Shelf with towel rod

How else could we finish but with the king of pegboard shelves? Holding a whopping 60lbs and complete with a spool holder or thread organizer rod, it offers a one-stop solution to all your crafting problems.

Although it’s an indestructible metal giant, it’s remarkably eye-catching and, dare we say it, dainty. Its premium black powder coating looks ultra-swish, suiting modern home studios.

Are you looking for pegboard accessories for crafts?

If you’re looking for gorgeous and functional pegboard accessories, we have you covered. Browse our extensive product collection today to transform your crafting space and home studios.

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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