Pegboards for Power Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Poer tool pegboard hooks

From drills and jigsaws to nail guns and disc sanders, power tools are the pride and joy of any garage, shed or workshop. Most are big and bulky, which can make storage an issue no matter how generously-sized your space. This is where pegboards for power tools step up. The ultimate solution for garages of all shapes and sizes, pegboards transform defunct walls into usable storage space for even the biggest power tools.


Why install a power tools pegboard?

Pegboards can transform even the most chaotic and cluttered garages into Marie Kondo worthy spaces. As well as improving the aesthetics of your garage, pegboards make it easy to locate any power tool in a flash. Having instant access to all your power tools at your fingertips will make jobs faster and more efficient.

Pegboards can also extend the lifespan of your power tools by allowing them to breathe instead of stashing them away in a cabinet or box where moisture can build up. As long as your space is watertight, pegboards will help keep your power tools dry and rust-free.

With so much to love about pegboards for power tools, why wait any longer to install one of these clever storage solutions in your garage? Of course, not all pegboards are created equal. When it comes to storing power tools you want to make sure you’re installing a pegboard that prioritizes strength, durability and quality. After all, power tools are expensive, so you’ll want to store them with care.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing a pegboard for power tools:

Heavy-duty pegs

Most power tools are heavy and bulky which means low-quality pegboards simply won’t hold up. When you’re installing a pegboard in your garage it’s essential to invest in a high-quality product that won’t put your power tools at risk. For example, a heavy-duty J hook will feature double pegs, so you don’t need to add a bracket to keep it in place when storing heavy tools. This is the kind of feature that sets high-quality hooks apart from their cheaper counterparts.

You should also make sure the hooks you’re buying are thick enough to fit snugly in your power tools pegboard. Low quality hooks can be thin and flimsy, putting them at risk of falling out of the board and sending your power tools crashing to the ground.

Corrosion-resistant finishes

The last thing you want is your power tools rusting due to low quality pegs. Keep corrosion at bay by investing in premium quality pegs with rust-resistant finishes that repel water and keep your power tools clean, dry and corrosion free. The best pegboard hooks should also feature black rubber tips to prevent scratches and general wear and tear. These types of features are small but will ultimately keep your power tools in the best possible shape.


Know which hooks to choose

Matching your tools to your hooks is one of the best ways to get the most out of your power tools pegboard. Below, we offer an overview of the different types of hooks available and what they’re suitable for.

  • J Hooks

Shaped like the letter J, these hooks are a staple on most power tools pegboards. The tool hooks onto the upward curve of the J and sits securely in place. For heavy power tools you’ll generally want to use a large J hook with a 1 ½” opening. Made from ultra-tough gauge steel, our large J hooks can easily support up to 50lbs. With the average chainsaw weighing between 10 to 15lbs, large J hooks are more than capable of holding them in place by the handle.

J hooks are especially useful if you’re a Ryobi disciple, as these clever Japanese-designed power tools feature an ingenious plug-in lanyard system. Designed for easy storage and transportation, the lanyards click into the battery ports of portable power tools from the 18-Volt ONE+ range and can be secured to J hooks on your pegboard.

  • Straight Hooks

Straight hooks can be combined to create a sturdy holster for your heaviest power tools like hammer drills, circular saws, and rotary hammers. Available in both 3” and 6” lengths, you can choose your straight hooks depending on the size and weight of your power tools. Look for straight hooks that feature upwards slanting tips to keep your tools securely in place and prevent them from falling. Depending on the size, length, and width of your power tools you can install straight hooks along your pegboard and create instant on-the-wall storage.

  • Double Straight Hook

Featuring two prongs, double straight hooks are ideal for storing bulky power tools like cordless drills and handheld sanders. The generous 6” hook length offers plenty of support to bigger tools, with each hook capable of holding up to 35lbs. Again, the best straight hooks should feature tips that slant upwards to prevent your power tools from sliding off.

  • Shelf Brackets

If you prefer to store your power tools on shelves, heavy-duty pegboard shelf brackets are a quick and easy solution for your pegboard. Manufactured for standards ¼” power tools pegboards, XL 9” brackets are made from high-quality steel and can easily hold up to 50lbs. Simply install the brackets then place a wooden board over the top to create an instant shelf.


Build your pegboard for power tools

Power tools come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and everyone will have their own unique collection. This means there’s not a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to creating your custom pegboard for power tools.

To make things as easy and flexible as possible we’d recommend purchasing a variety of hooks and brackets. This allows you to get creative with your pegboard and create different solutions for each power tool. Pro tip: hang your largest and heaviest power tools at the bottom of your pegboard to minimize stress on the wall.

Ready to create your custom power tools pegboard? As well as premium-quality pegboards, we stock a huge range of heavy-duty pegs to keep your power tools securely in place.

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