Spotlight on the Pegboard Paper Towel Holder

pegboard towel holder

Spotlight on the Pegboard Paper Towel Holder


Simple to construct

We know how frustrating it is. You order a new product for your custom pegboard, but you can’t work out how to attach the accessory to your board because the instructions are impossible to follow, or pieces of kit aren’t as sturdy as suggested on the product listing.
That’s not a problem with our pegboard paper towel holder. At Pegboarder, we prioritise making our tools super usable and also super simple. On the back of the accessory, you’ll find five pegs – these are what you use to attach the paper towel holder to your pegboard.
If your board is super thin, you’ll also find PVC spacers that you can use to fill the space between the board and the pegs. This ensures that the towel holder won’t wobble, maximizing its stability, and means that you can use it on pegboards of all thicknesses.
All of the extra hardware comes with the item. As well as the super sleek paper towel holder, you’ll also get five bolts that you can easily use to screw onto the five wire pegs on the back of the holder. Again, by securing the paper towel holder onto your pegboard in this way, you’re boosting its sturdiness. That way you can rest easy knowing that the holder will hold without wobbling, no matter what you put on it. Double security, double stability – it’s a win-win.


High quality

pegboard towel holderHere at Pegboarder, we don’t like flimsy plastic. We will never sacrifice the quality of our products or try to provide you with a cheap quick fix that risks immediately breaking. That’s why all of our kit, from pegboard hooks to accessories, are made from solid, heavy duty metal. No bending or breaking – that’s the way we do things.
We also don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Our sturdy 3/16” pegs are deliberately crafted to snugly fit into your pegboard, minimizing wobble and that unpleasant ‘clanking’ sound that we all know (and hate!) Tighter pegs mean less slippage – particularly if your pegboard is made from MDF rather than metal, as the holes can be worn away over time and are therefore more vulnerable to expanding over time.
In fact, our lifetime warranty promise means that, when you buy Pegboarder hooks and accessories, you’ll never need to buy another set. We’re confident that our kit will last you a lifetime – a guarantee that also applies to our paper towel holder.


Incredible strength

As well as storing paper towels, our holder also has an additional shelf with a load capacity of over 50 pounds. That’s right, our shelf will be able to hold all of your heavy tools, spray cans, iron wire, screws, nuts – you name it, the shelf can stack it. Plus, having this extra shelf space maximizes your organisation, as you can use it to tidy away whatever tools or knick-knacks you want to clear from your workspace.

Our pegboard spool holder is also fully metal – no plastic in Pegboarder’s products – and weighs just over 3 pounds, so you can rest easy knowing it’s just as sturdy as the rest of the tool. On the lookout for more storage? Check out our pegboard tool holders and pegboard shelves for extra organization solutions.


Our friend at Dad Reviews was a huge fan of our paper towel holder’s cotter pin. This is functional for a number of reasons. Firstly, it prevents the actual paper towel from slipping off its spool. Because the rod of the holder is firmly fixed in place, you can rip off a sheet of paper towel using just one hand. No more stumbling around covered in grease trying to avoid putting oil on the towel you need to clean up.
The paper towel holder also opens up from the front. By swinging out towards you, you can reload a new paper towel with ease, without getting it caught on any pegboard attachments that might sit next to your towel holder. Plus, there’s extra room both on the top and around the back of the rod, so you can add a giant paper towel roll without this extra bulk disrupting its rolling motion.
You can see just how pleased Dad Reviews is with the feature in the video!



As Dad Reviews points out, our matte black paper towel holder is made of solid steel, which means it has magnetic qualities. This gives you the opportunity to personalise your workspace. Maybe you’re keen to add a magnet featuring family photos, or you could even use dry erase markers to add a to-do list to its surface. Our holder is functional and fun, with some added organisational benefits.


Put our paper towel holder to the test

pegboard towel holderWe know the drill. You’re tooling hard, organizing your pegboard hooks, maybe cleaning up your garage or working on your next DIY project, and you need your essentials on hand.

That’s why we designed the pegboard paper towel holder – to make your life easier. It’s purpose-made to keep your hands and workspace clean of grease, whilst ensuring you stay better organised thanks to the integrated shelf.
Try Pegboarder’s paper towel holder today and join the thousands of Americans who love our products.

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