Using Pegboard in Your Sewing Room: 11 Next-Level Sewing Room Pegboard Ideas

sewing room pegboard

In one of our emails, we reached out to all seamstresses and sewing enthusiasts. We asked them how they usually use their pegboard hooks and pegboard attachments to organize their sewing room. A lot of customers got back to us with some awesome and out-of-the box ideas. What did we expect… these are super creative people after all!

With their permission, we’ve compiled their coolest pegboard sewing organization ideas on this page for you to get inspired. One of them is Jennifer, she is a talented individual that sews super cool ice-skating dresses. Take a look at her Facebook page.


Let’s talk pegboard

Pegboard doesn’t have to make you feel ‘board’ (see what I did there?). Whereas garage pegboard is usually brown and plain, we see that many creative sewing fanatics go out of their way to make pegboard pop!

The most common ways in which they do that is by painting the pegboard and framing it.


1. Paint your pegboard

I’ve written a guide earlier on how to paint pegboard the right way. Your pegboard will most likely be the eye-catcher of the room, so you might as well go a little bit crazy.

Some people like patterns on their board while others prefer even colors. If you’re planning to hang a lot of stuff from your pegboard with different colors and different sizes, I would personally steer away from painting your board in too many different colors and patterns. This is just a personal preference, but I like to have clear headspace when I’m embarking on a ‘craft-task’ and I’m staring at my pegboard.

If you’re looking for a professionally crafted pegboard, you can have your unique design printed and delivered to you instead.

Here’s a few cool pins to get inspiration from:

By the way – board isn’t the only thing that you can or should give a new color. Emma decided to paint her pegboard hooks in gold. It turned out great! Shop PegBoarder for the best pegboard hooks & accessories in the world. (We’re pretty sure they are!)

golden pegboard hook



2. Add a frame to your pegboard

A frame can really add that aesthetic value to your pegboard organization. There’s a lot of tutorials online on how to add frames to a pegboard. Jennifer has used fancy molding from Home Depot and it turned out great!

pegboard frame

It’s the same kind you would use around a window or a chair rail. It is miter cut – just as if you were going to frame a window. In this case, there is extra molding right by the thread racks to create a clear division. The pegboard and frame have been painted together with high gloss white interior paint.

Jennifer advises to purchase the frame instore rather than online. That way, you can buy it by the foot rather than in a pack, where you might end up wasting part of it. She also mentioned that there are more decorative choices instore than online.

pegboard frame

I’ve also received a great tip from another customer that will appeal to any energy-efficient DIY-er (I didn’t say lazy!). Instead of building a frame from scratch, buy a poster or picture frame that is already made. The downside is that you’ll have to make the pegboard in the size of the frame and really big ones are a bit trickier to find.


How to organize your pegboard for sewing supplies

A few things on Jennifer’s board stood out to me that looked particularly clever and space-efficient.


1. Binder clips to hang zips and documents

Some things can’t be hung on a pegboard hook, simply because those things don’t have a hole. A binder clip can serve as an ideal connection piece. It has a bracket with a hole in, and it has a clip with tight grip.

Jennifer is using it to hang documents and zips. What she also does is store smaller supplies in zip lock or poly bags. She then hangs those bags from a binder clip.

pegboard organization for sewing room


2. Hang a thread rack on your pegboard

A must have for every sewing fanatic is a thread rack. I’ve seen pegboard sewing organizations in all colors and shapes – but one thing was consistent. Almost all board had at least one of those attached to it.

In order to attach it to the pegboard, the thread rack is simply put on two large J hooks.

pegboard thread rack

The June Tailor thread rack has legs, and is traditionally meant to stand on a table. However, it then occupies an entire 2 foot by 3 foot of your work table – precious work space! Hanging the rack up on your pegboard will free up all of that work table space. You can simply tuck in the legs to make the rack flat for hanging.

It’s more convenient as well, as you can see all the colors you have in the blink of an eye.

In that same fashion, Emma has attached to those J hooks not only a thread rack, but also a shower rack.

pegboard rack


3. Make shelves with shelf brackets

Pegboard shelf brackets are easy to make shelves with. You cut a piece of timber to size – potentially give it a bit of color – and stack it on those brackets. Be sure to get thick, heavy-duty shelf brackets as that’ll greatly influence the amount of weight that you can stack on top of the shelf.

pegboard shelf


4. Use J hooks and a dowel rod to hold Swedish tracing paper

Swedish paper is a roll of sew-able paper for making patterns and muslins. You’ll want easy grab-access to this sewing essential when needed, so having some kind of roll system handy is a must. You don’t need any kind of fancy installation. A dowel rod spanning over two J hooks will do the trick.

pegboard spool holder
pegboard spool holder


5. Thread cone on hook

Sergers and Coverstitch machines take big spools of thread called cones. Each machine uses 3-5 cones at once, depending on the type of stitch. The image below shows one of those empty thread cones, repurposed, with picot elastic wrapped around. The cone is placed on a 6″ pegboard hook


6. Easy-access cutting tools

It’s nice to have all your different cutting tools in sight and easy to reach. Jennifer uses various size rotary cutters, fabric shears, pinking shears, and scissors for cutting out paper patterns. It’s important to always be able to find the right tool for the task at hand. Using fabric scissors to cut out a paper pattern would dull the blade. It saves time when you don’t have to search for each tool. The same goes for rulers – from a French curve to a hip curve or a yard stick.

Pegboard J Hooks


7. PegBoarder accessories

Jennifer does a lot of airbrushing and painting on fabric, so PegBoarder’s tool holders and shelves come in extra handy. The PegBoarder paper towel holder is perfect for her airbrush colors. The tape measure holder is great for liquid paint and paintbrushes. Special thanks to the product developers at GoodSellas Amazon agency to help us develop this line of products.

pegboard paper towel holder

pegboard tape measure holder


8. Hang Ikea racks with wall plugs

Emma hammered raw plugs into the holes which allows her to use screws to attach Ikea spice racks. Opens up a whole new world of options! The holes on the racks line up perfectly with the holes on the pegboard.

pegboard wall plug

pegboard shelving

What I love about the Ikea racks is that they hold a good amount of stuff without looking to bulky. I also love that the look of the wood is 100% complementary to the thread rack, so that makes for a very consistent pegboard organization.

Do you have any special pegboard organizations hacks around sewing room storage? Let us know in the comments below!

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