Where Can I Buy Pegboard Hooks?

Whether you’re struggling to organize your craft supplies or need somewhere to keep your tools, a pegboard is a great solution for your storage problems! We may be biased here at Pegboarder – but with the popularity of the handy pegboard skyrocketing on social media, we don’t think we’re alone.
However, a pegboard is no use at all without a reliable set of pegboard hooks. If you’re wondering ‘where can I buy pegboard hooks?’, you’re in the right place. Pegboarder sells high-quality pegboard hooks that don’t bend or break, keeping your prized possessions in place on your board.
In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the main points to consider before deciding where to buy your hooks.

What size pegboard hooks should I buy?

Not all pegboard hooks are created equal. Although the holes in most pegboards are usually a standard size, it’s not always a case of one size fits all.
Is your pegboard made of MDF? You might want to bear in mind that your holes could increase in size. This is because the act of removing and replacing your hooks can wear away the soft surface, causing the borders of the hole to become larger and leaving your pegs unstable.
At Pegboarder, our pegboard hooks are 2.3 x larger than the average models on the market. Measuring a generous ¼” in diameter, they guarantee a snug fit. That means they’ll stay where you put them, keeping your items securely in place and never falling out of your board.

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How long will the peg hooks last?

You probably don’t think that buying pegboard hooks is much of an investment. With prices starting from less than $20 a set on Amazon, they’re generally an economical way to solve your storage problems or create personalized wall art. But have you thought about how often you’ll need to replace them?
If your pegboard hooks only last a year or two, you could end up spending almost $50 on hooks over the next five years! We think that’s ridiculous.
Unlike other companies, we’re so confident in the quality of our hooks that we’re proud to offer 2  years warranty. That means if your hooks bend or break when you’ve been using them correctly, we’ll replace them free of charge!


How much weight can the pegboard hooks support?

Another key question you’ll need to consider when deciding where to buy pegboard hooks is how much weight they will need to support. If you’re planning to hang heavy tools such as hammers and drills on your board, you’re likely to need a set of hooks that are stronger than average.
At Pegboarder, we recommend staying away from stores that sell cheap hooks with plastic peg locks. Although this might seem a quick and simple way to keep low-quality hooks on your board, the plastic can easily snap over time.
This is especially true if you’ve placed your board in front of a sunny window or nearby a radiator, as the heat can cause the material to become brittle and eventually weaken.
Not only are our metal hooks 2.3 x thicker than average, but they’re also up to 3 x heavier. This means they’re able to support greater weights, securing your bulkier items with ease. Even our smallest hooks can hold up to 10lb each – and some of our specialist items are even more impressive.
Take our paper towel holder and shelf, for example. A handy accessory for any mechanic or keen DIYer, this pegboard shelf can hold weights of up to 50lb. That’s the weight of your average 2nd grader!


What are the pegboard hooks made from?

Whether you’re looking for long hooks or L hooks, when searching for somewhere to buy your pegboard hooks, be sure to check the product description and photos carefully. Very carefully.
Some listings clearly state their hooks are made from stainless steel – but disappointed customers end up receiving what they suspect is plated steel wire. Don’t believe us? Go check some of the reviews for pegboard hooks on Amazon!
Materials such as wire or plastic can bend out of shape, especially if you want to hang heavy items on them. The alternative? High-quality, extra-heavy metal that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.
At Pegboarder, we don’t believe in using flimsy plastic. Our brackets and hooks are all 100% metal, providing the support you need to keep your items safe.


What type of peg hooks do you need?

Curved hooks, L hooks, shelf brackets – there are plenty of options out there when it comes to choosing the perfect set of pegboard hooks for you. The truth is that many items simply won’t fit on standard J-shaped hooks and require specialist accessories to be attached to your pegboard.
Whether it’s a screwdriver, spool of sewing thread, or an aerosol spray can, it’s important to consider the shape of your items in order to buy a suitable set of hooks.
At PegBoarder, we offer more than 10 different kinds of hook. From plier holders to ring tool holders, our web shop stocks everything you need to start organizing your favourite tools today.


Has the pegboard accessories supplier got great reviews?

Don’t just take a company’s word for it. If you’re wondering where to buy hooks for a pegboard, the best place to start is by checking out the product reviews. What do current customers have to say about the service they received?
We’re proud to sell the top-rated pegboard hook set on Amazon. When you purchase from Pegboarder, you’re joining thousands of Americans who have upped their storage game with our high-quality pegboard hooks, brackets, and accessories.
With free 2-6 day shipping on orders over $40 and a 60-day returns policy, ordering from us is easy. It’s simple, really. We think you’ll love our products – but if you’re not 100% hooked, you’ll get your money back.


Finding your perfect pegboard hooks

If you’re asking ‘where can I buy pegboard hooks’, look no further. Pegboarder is a top-rated US supplier with the strongest hooks on the market, countless great reviews and even a 2 year guarantee.

Check out our one-stop shop for pegboard hooks and accessories online and feel free to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

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