Why Our Pegboard Hook Set Is the Best!

Our pegboard hooks are 2-3 x thicker than average

Do your existing pegboard hooks ever fall out of your board? Whether you re using your hooks to store your craft supplies, organize your DIY tools, or keep your home essentials in order, there s nothing worse than hearing that familiar clank .
Not only does this annoying problem mean you have to reorganize your board all over again – it can also damage some of your prized possessions. The solution? Sturdy pegboard hooks that actually stay in place!
At Pegboarder, our pegboard hooks measure ¼” in diameter – that s 2.3 x larger than the average models on the market. Put simply, this means they fit more snugly into the holes in your board.
Thanks to the tighter fit, our hooks are guaranteed to stay where you put them. Standard hooks, on the other hand, can easily slip out of your board. This is especially true if your board is made from MDF rather than metal, as the borders of the hole can become larger over time.
Skinny hooks and wide holes are a recipe for disaster. With the best pegboard hook set from Pegboarder, you ll have the assurance that your items will stay exactly where you put them – for as long as you need them to be there.

Our hooks are angled for better anchorage

If you hold one of our hooks next to your existing model, the diameter isn t the only difference you ll notice. As FAB Automotive Detailing pointed out in the video, the angle of our hook is different, too.
We know you re not able to see the piece of metal that connects your hook to your pegboard while it s in use – but it s probably the most important part of the whole set-up. This is because it has to support the weight of whatever item you hang on it, all while anchoring the hook in place.
You shouldn t have to rely on your hooks staying balanced in your board. By adjusting the angle at which our hooks sit against a surface, we ve made them much sturdier, anchoring them for extra strength precisely where you need it.
Not only are our hooks more securely anchored into the holes, but they also sit flatter, reducing excess bulk at the back of your board. This means it s easier to stand or mount your pegboard against a wall.


Our hook set contains everything you need

Hammers, towel holders, spanners, drills – whatever you want to store on your pegboard, we have the hook that can hold it! Just take a look at FAB Automotive Detailing s video to see a selection of our hooks in action.
From straight hooks to curved hooks, plier holders to a pegboard tool holder, our pegboard hook set boasts a whopping 60 pieces. And when we say 60, we mean it. We rigorously inspect all of our sets before we ship them, so you can be sure you ll receive a complete kit.
As well as the thickest and strongest hooks that are available on Amazon, our pegboard hook set also contains a range of handy accessories, such as wire storage baskets.
Made from thicker metal, these baskets are the perfect place to store all those everyday items you didn t think could fit on your pegboard. Think trusty cleaning cloths, cardboard boxes, spare cables – the list is endless!

We never scrimp on quality

Why do some companies use plastic peg locks to keep their hooks in place? The answer is simple. They re scrimping on quality for a quick fix they can make on the cheap!
At Pegboarder, that s not the way we do things. Every piece in our pegboard hook set has been crafted from metal, creating a sturdy product that won t bend or break. That s our personal promise.
We re so confident in the quality of our hooks that we re proud to offer you a lifetime guarantee. While plastic peg locks can degrade over time, our metal hooks will stay as strong as the day they were made, supporting the weight of whatever items you choose.
Our 2 year warranty promise means that if you buy our hooks, youll never need to buy another set again. Unless you can t resist buying another pinboard, of course!


Let s get something straight!

Have you ever tried to hang something on your pegboard only to find it wouldnt sit straight? We know how frustrating this can be. That s why we decided to do something about it!
Wonky hooks and pegboard tool holders won t just make your pegboard look disorganized – they can also make it much more difficult for you to store certain products, particularly if your items are on the larger side.
To solve the problem, our kit includes three PVC spacers to straighten up your baskets and accessories. This means you can make full use of your available space.
If your wire basket wants to lean outwards from your board, simply pop your hook through one of the spacers. This will create enough leverage to prop your basket up, helping it sit perfectly straight against your pegboard.
Watch the video above and let FAB Automotive Detailing show you how it s done!


Put our pegboard hooks to the test

Our heavy-duty, extra-large hooks are the highest rated on Amazon, as well as being lauded with praise by the likes of FAB Automotive Detailing. But don t just take their word for it. It s time to put our pegboard hooks to the test.
Order the best pegboard hook set at Pegboarder today and see first hand what puts our hooks head and shoulders above the rest.

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