In short:

We empower creative individuals and businesses with customized pegboards and heavy duty pegboard accessories.


PegBoarder was founded by a creative soul and DIY-enthusiast named Emiel.

“Somewhere in 2016, I placed an order of ‘pegboard hooks’ on Amazon as I needed to organize my garage/DIY-space. The hooks we received were flimsy and dropped out of our board when grabbing a tool.

I grew up on a farm with my grandparents. The pegboard hooks my grandpa used back in the day were definitely thicker. Why was it so hard to find those old fashioned big pegboard hooks? I get it. Manufacturing now happens oversees and freight costs (plus material costs) have increased exponentially since then. No wonder hooks got thinner and fall out regularly!

The solution? Manufacturing hooks myself!

With a background in product development, I reached out to a couple of manufacturing partners. Months later we started to producing heavy duty, thick pegboard hooks. The way grandpa liked them! Customers liked them too. In just a few months time, our hook became the best selling 1/4″ pegboard hook in North America. Our hooks are made just over the Southern border, in Guadalajara, Mexico. That’s just a 5 days’ truck drive from our storage facility in Houston. I say we, as quickly several people joined our team to help with customer service, supply chain management and advertising.



Our brand name is / was MADD TOOLS. A wink to my grandfather’s (and my) last name, ‘Maddens’.

In 2020, hooks weren’t a problem anymore. I often meet friends in my garage and they compliment me often on my (extreme) meticulous garage organization and pegboard set up. To top it off, I had painted my pegboard in an 80’s miami vice theme, with an LED light behind it. As I’m writing this, it really bugs me that I don’t have a photo of it.

I realise not everyone has the desire or patience to paint pegboard. That’s how my team and me came up with the idea of offering a print-service for pegboard. We partnered up with a UV-print shop in California that prints on our pegboards and we ship them out to our creative customer.

I realised that the brand name ‘MADD TOOLS’ didn’t do justice anymore to what we’ve set out to be: The one-stop-shop for everything pegboard. A place where a creative individual (a pegboarder!) comes to organize his/her DIY/Craft sanctuary with only the best, most robust and creative storage solutions.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how PegBoarder was born.