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Pegboard Tool Holders

There’s nothing more satisfying than a well-organized shed or workbench. The trick to keeping all your bits, bobs, odds, ends, and tools in place? Having tool holders that fit snugly into your pegboard and are specifically designed to store your tools.

Whether you’re looking for a place to keep your pliers or some storage for your screwdrivers, at Pegboarder, we’ve got the pegboard tool holders for you. All of our products are extra heavy duty, so will hold even the heaviest tool.  Choose from a pegboard plier holder, a pegboard screwdriver holder (both single and a ten-piece set), a small and medium screwdriver and wrench holder set, and even a tape measure holder.

Robust, reliable pegboard tool holders

If you’re a pegboard enthusiast, you’ll know that not all pegboard accessories are created equal. Pegboarder’s tool holders fit 1/4” holes perfectly, which makes them extra sturdy – they’ll fit snugly into any pegboard, no matter the thickness, and won’t wobble or become loose. What’s more, they hold up to 10lbs in weight, which is around 10 times the industry standard of less durable 1/8” products. All of our pegboard tool holders are chrome finished too, which makes them corrosion resistant. They’re designed to last for a lifetime and won’t let you down.

Choose from our five pack of pegboard plier holders, or our screwdriver holder, which can store up to six different tools, from paintbrushes to awls. Our 10-piece set of pegboard screwdriver holders will also do the trick if you want to separate your tools across your pegboard. The screwdriver and wrench holder set comes in a sleek matte black finish to add a touch of style to your pegboard, allowing you to store three times more tools in one third of the space. Plus, our tape measure holder is a carpenter’s essential – save time and energy by storing multiple items in one place. Don’t forget that you can double up, too, if you need to store multiple items.


Choose Pegboarder for your tool holders

With our 2 year warranty, exceptional customer service, and free shipping for orders over $45, you won’t be disappointed. We aim to deliver products that work, all in one place. Check our products out today, from pegboard tool holders to J hooks, L hooks and heavy-duty long hooks.


2 Year Warranty

Every product on our website (with exception of electronics) comes with a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Free Returns on all orders

If you change your mind within 30 days after purchase, we will refund you the price of the purchased products. We will also add the price of the return shipping cost up to $10.