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Get Crafty! Level up your craft room or sewing room decor with custom messages on your standard 1/4" holed MDF pegboard (not metal)
Start each crafting project with motivation, good vibes and positive inspiration
A massive pegboard decoration set with a total 115 letter blocks to form your favourite positive quote(s). 6 of A, E, I, O, U, 2 of Q, Z, 4 of all other letters and 5 emojis.
Please CHECK YOUR MDF PEGBOARD - for pegboard with 1/4" holes (Most common, bigger holes. Does not fit 1/8" holes)

Built to last.

These letter blocks are varnished to give a hard-shell finish that resists scratches and prevents decolorization.
high quality black ink makes sure that the letter print outlasts the longest crafting career.

Perfect for pegboard with 1/4" holes

The letter blocks have a 1/4" centred cone on the back with a receding diameter. Even if your pegboard holes have been through some wear & tear and are enlarged, the blocks will still fit.

Each pack (2 boxes) contains 115 blocks

  • 6 of A, E, I, O, U
  • 2 of Q, Z
  • 4 of all other letters
  • 5 emojis

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