10Pcs Medium L Hooks Pack | 1″



Medium model pegboard L hook: 1” hook length. Perfect for storing/hanging smaller tools & supplies such as:
- Thin paint brushes
- Keys
- Storage pouches
- Scissors
- Shelf brackets: Drill two holes on the side of a piece of timber and slide the piece of timber on two (or more) L hooks
- ...
10 Hooks in one hook pack
Attached with double pegs
Works with all standard 1/4" holed pegboard
2-3x thicker gauge steel: Easily supports up to 50LBS
Up to 3x thicker: Does not fall out of the board
Chrome metal finish + black rubber cap: No rust!

Superior pegboard l hooks that don't fall out of your board.
100's of thousands of Americans choose pegboard l hooks by Pegboarder for their tool storage needs. Here's why: 

Us Others
Snug fit
Hook thickness 0.22" 0.1"-0.15"
Weight/hook 0.92oz 0.22oz-0.43oz
Anti corrosion Some
Double peg Some

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