Pegboard Paper Towel Holder with Shelf



FULL METAL pegboard paper towel holder that fits standard pegboard with 1/4" holes.
This king of pegboard shelves can easily hold 60Lbs of storage weight.
The ideal pegboard tool organizer for storing oil cans, bottles, spray cans, etc.
This 2 in 1 pegboard tray is equiped with an pegboard spool holder or thread organizer rod.
Optional screws and bolts to secure it 100% to the board

Designed to fit board of all thickness.

Pegboard usually comes in hardboard or metal. Both are sturdy, but the metal boards are significantly thinner.
As a result, pegboard attachments designed for classic hardboard slant downwards when used on metal board.
That's why we've added a spacer and 5 screws.

Optionally: the spacer can be mounted in between the pegs and metal boards, so there's no 'gap'. This makes sure that your pegboard paper towel holder hangs straight at all times.

Optionally: the lower pegs are wired, and 5 screws are provided with the towel holder. For a more permanent fix, you can attach these screws to the back of your towel holder.

Snug & sturdy.

Opposed to most pegboard brands, we've made the conscious decision of exclusively supporting boards with holes that have a 1/4'' thickness.

Because we don't like' wiggle', and we love it when everything fits snugly.

Reload your towel roll hassle-free.

We found it important that you wouldn't have to reload a paper towel roll from the side of the holder. If that was the case, you would've had to take tools off of your pegboard whenever you needed to replace the roll.

That's why we opted for a pivotal reload system that makes it easy to reload the paper roll from the front. Just retract the pin, pivot the rod towards you and replace the roll. Zero hassle.

Superior pegboard accessories that last a lifetime.

100's of thousands of Americans choose pegboard supplies by Pegboarder for their tool storage needs. Here's why:

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Full metal
Matte black
Lifetime warranty

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 7.6 x 5.5 inches

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