Tape measure holder



Introducing the 3-in-1 Pegboard Tape Measure Holder.

1. XL container for 25-30ft tape measure
'Where in the world did I leave my tape measure!?'

Imagine never having to ask yourself this question again. Imagine saving an extra 10 minutes on every project you'll ever do because everything you need is within arm's reach.

Do you have a big measuring tape? No problem! The container has capacity for big tape and multiple small ones.

2. Slot for carpenter's square/triangle
A good carpenter's square is not cheap - but essential. It's not a tool you want to linger around and lose or damage.

This holder features a slot that fits your carpenter's square perfectly.

Never waste time again.

3. Pencil and small chisel compartment
Pencils are small - and get lost frequently. But the cost associated with frequently losing pencils adds up. That's not the case anymore.

Simply deposit your pencils and/or small chisels in the designated compartment and never lose them again.